inter mundus is a petri dish of adventure and exploration reported out of nowhere and everywhere by Sarah Karacs, the adrenaline-addled interloper hack (attentionus deficientus).

When she is not deadlifting stupidly heavy things or self-admonishingly fantansising about Hunter S. Thompson and Jean Luc Pichard, she does journalsims.

She uses her real name, Sam Bronski, when she wants to actually be read.

Here are some reviews:

“Silly and distractable” — primary school teacher

“Self-involved, self-aggrandizing, derivative, obnoxious, profane. It feels good to shit on her things” — my pet rat Hermann, author of The Unbearable Ratness of Being, Fear and Ratting in Neukölln, and The Old Man and the Rat, Of Rats and Lovers

“An uncanny ability to pick up the best bits” — Frank Dikköter

“Freakishly strong” — MMA coach

“We wanted to do a Valentine’s Special feature on taxidermy outlets in London but our editor wouldn’t let us” — fellow newspaper MA buddy

“Yeah, that was a good interview” — David Zwirner

“No comment” — PPRB (Hong Kong police press office)

“And how are you planning on making a living?” — Media research maven Stephan Russ-Mohl

“Focus, Sarah! Mind-Muscle Connection!” — training buddy

“Who’s that playing the completely wrong sheet of music?” — concert band conductor

“So immersive I don’t even know who I am anymore” — Sam Bronski

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A magazine at the messy threshold of things edited by Sarah Karacs.


Sarah Karacs

Sam Bronski is a Berlin-based journalist, explorer, critic, perennial interloper looking at how things come together and what a mess they make.